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Simple Procedures

Delivering a simple procedure for success

JV Management Ltd believe in providing a simple, transparent service that brings the right investment project to the right investment partner to deliver a successful, mutually beneficial outcome for all parties.

JV Management Ltd operate a simple set of procedures to help projects obtain the right investment form the right investment partner.



JV Management Ltd identify potential projects, either through our sourcing agents, our website or introductions.



JV Management ltd review and evaluate the information provided and match it to our investment partners criteria.



JV Management Ltd accept or decline the proposed investment project and inform the parties of their decision.



JV Management Ltd meet the accepted party, discuss the project, agree procedure and obtain details of the project.



JV Management Ltd package the project details and agreed procedures to present to our investment partners.



JV Management Ltd present the project to the investment partners, who will accept or decline the project.



JV Management Ltd work with the accepted project to prepare the project and agreements for completion.



JV Management work with the parties to package all agreements, legal items and instruction for investment.



Contracts signed, investment partner completes investment, JV Management ltd start fund management process.

JV Management Ltd understand that every project is different and has its own set of unique circumstances, this is why we tailor every application to match the investment partners criteria with the needs and requirements of each individual project.

It is in our own interests to ensure that the needs and requirements of any successful investment project are catered for as we are also a part of the 3 party JV agreement and work with the project right the way through to completion or delivery of the finished project.

JV Management Ltd are here to work with our funding partners and potential project partners to ensure that projects are genuine, investable and deliverable for all parties. Once JV Management Ltd have helped the project secure the required investment, we are also partnered to that project for the duration of the project.

Working in partnership

Unlike many providers, JV Management Ltd do not run a deliver and drop service, we are mandated to remain involved throughout the entire process from concept through to completion. JV Management Ltd are in the 3 party JV agreement as the funding manager on all successful investment projects. JV Management Ltd represent the interests of the investment partners, this means we are responsible for all auditing and reports on behalf of our investment partners for the duration of the project.