jv management portfolio purchasers

PRS Property portfolio purchasing

JV Management Ltd have been mandated by our investment partners to target PRS (Private Rental Sector) property portfolios that are available to purchase by the investment partner.

There is an immediate ability to purchase portfolios up to a maximum of £100 Million per portfolio subject to contract and criteria.

The portfolio must have a tenanted history and have proven viability over a period of time.

The JV Management Ltd mandate also provides for us to negotiate and purchase property companies and housing associations should the opportunity arise.

The portfolio can be of any size, provided the total purchase is over £1 million and under £100 million, in any location within the UK. Our investment partners do not purchase outside of the UK at this time

It is the wish of our investment partners making the purchase to wherever possible keep all of the existing portfolio management structures in place, this is especially so with large company portfolios or housing associations.

Our Investment partners are in the market to purchase managed assets and associations.

JV Management Ltd are mandated to manage the entire process, so in order to find out if we can help you propose your portfolio for purchase, you will need to complete the short initial proposition form. This form asks for the most basic of information in order for us to match your portfolio to one of our investment partners criteria.

JV Management Ltd represent the investment partners and their interests. We are also a party to the purchase agreement between the investors and the portfolio management team, we represent the investors interests throughout the purchase and collate the ongoing audit reports for the investment partner.

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