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The Latest News from JV Management Ltd

Keep up to date with the latest news and reviews from JV Management Ltd. As an important note, we do not talk about client's projects in our newsroom unless the client is happy to do so and even then, we only provide a generalised story for our readers.

JV Management Ltd, looking after our team

JV Management Ltd are have announced that due to Covid-19, the entire JV Management Ltd team will now be working remotely for the coming weeks. "We have worked hard to build a great team and we want to keep them that way, we started our business working remotely, so this is nothing new to us, we may however be doing a few less meetings".

JV Management launch new website

JV Management Ltd are proud to announce the launch of their new website. A spokesperson for the company said, " We wanted to deliver a more corporate feel whilst keeping the information and application process simple, our previous was too complicated and had more information than anyone needed, we have definitely learned to keep it fast and keep it simple."

JV Management secure another investment partner

JV Management Ltd are proud to announce that they have secured a direct mandate with another investment partner with a total investment capability of over £1bn. The New partner is primarily focused on low cost housing development, social housing projects and housing association purchases.

JV Management looking at move to Northern Ireland

JV Management announced today that they are looking at a move that will base their business in Northern Ireland. A spokesperson for the company said, "It just makes good business sense to remain within UK jurisdiction and move our company to Northern Ireland."

JV Management sign £35M client

JV Management are proud to announce the signing of their first partnership deal with a £35M property development in the UK. A spokesperson for the company said "We are so proud to have signed this prime client, once they understood how our 100% investment model worked it was plain sailing to completion. Our investment partners are over the moon with the ease of delivery through our procedures and proposition."

JV Management releases partnership brochure

Now JV Management has secured an investment partner for project investment they release their partnership brochure into the market. A spokesperson for the company said, "now we have secured the investment partner, it is time to go out and secure some project in the property development sector for them to invest in."

JV Management land investment partner contract

After heavy negotiations JV Management Ltd are proud to announce that they have completed successful negotiations with their first multi-million-pound investment partner, has understood and supported the new approach to funding put forward by JV Management Ltd.