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Target Markets

Matching targeted investment with target market sectors

JV Management Ltd are mandated to source investment projects that fit within our investment partners target criteria. This enables JV Management Ltd to focus on specific markets, delivering faster responses, aligned investment and increased successful project applications.

Do you have a project that fits within our target market sectors?

Property Developers

JV Management Ltd partner with developers to secure and manage the investment required for the development of the project.

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Portfolio Owners

JV Management Ltd have the mandate to evaluate and purchase property portfolios via cleared funds, providing quick completions.

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Green Businesses

JV Management Ltd and our investment groups partner with site owners and emerging technology providers to deliver a brighter, cleaner future.

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Commercial developers

JV Management Ltd and our investment partners are interested in projects that increase employment via commercial leisure developments in the UK.

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Social Housing Developers

JV Management Ltd are mandated to source, partner and invest in the development of social and low-cost housing projects within the UK.

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Commmunity Project Leaders

The investment partners of JV Management Ltd have allocated funds to help and support a wide range of community projects within the UK.

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Why target market sectors?

JV Management Ltd work with investment partners who have a clear focus on the markets they wish to invest in, they dictate the market sectors that they have an interest in and that the investment is geared towards. JV Management Ltd use this focused approach as a template to create a simple set of procedures that help the project partners obtain the investment, they need to deliver their projects.