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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions

At JV Management Ltd we believe in being as open and transparent as possible, now, there are a number of commercial points that we cannot cover until we have approved your project and our FAQ's are by no means intended to answer every question you may have, but we have tried to answer the most common questions in advance.

Do you provide development finance?

JV Management Ltd are not a finance company, we do not provide finance, loans or financial advice, JV Management Ltd work with our clients to secure 100% project investment. This is where our investment partners invest in your project as a JV partner. JV Management Ltd are a fully mandated and authorised partner of our investment partners.

What is the difference between investment and finance?

Investment is where a party such as our investment partners, invest their private capital in your project in return for a share option, finance tends to be when a party provides you with a form of JV Loan and you repay this finance with interest.

Who are the investors?

JV Management Ltd have a number of investment partners, once your application has been processed, evaluated and approved by JV Management Ltd, we match your project to the criteria of our investment partners, prior to this process information about our investment partners is commercially confidential.

Is this foreign investment?

JV Management Ltd only mandate with UK available investment, through UK investment partners, there are no socio-religious ties with any of our investments or investment partners.

Why do we have to use JV Management Ltd?

JV Management Ltd are the mandated and authorised partner of our investment partners, we work under direct contracts with our investment partners and are the only mandated route available to the investment partners we work with.

How Long is the process?

The time it takes to process your application depends upon the amount of information you provide about your project and your current position.

How much do you charge?

JV Management Ltd do not charge any fees as we are a party to the joint venture agreement of the successful project.

What type of projects do you consider?

We are only able to consider projects which fall within the investment remit provided by our investment partners, this tends to be around, property Development, commercial development, Social Housing projects, PRS portfolio purchases and green technologies.

How do I apply for investment?

JV Management Ltd provide a very simple application process, simply select your market, view the investment page and click apply, fill in a simple form for us to evaluate your project and we will come back to you within 48 hours.

Can I get an instant answer?

Unfortunately, not, we have to evaluate your application, match it to one of our investment partners, agree the process with you and then process for approval.

What if I am outside the UK?

The Investment partners that JV Management work with only provide investment for projects that can be delivered with a partner within the UK.