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Investment in Community Projects

JV Management Ltd have been mandated by our investment partners to identify and deliver community investment projects that can provide a real, proven impact on society and social change.

There is an immediate ability to invest in community projects, this investment ranges from £2k up to a maximum of £2 Million per project subject to scope, reach of the programme, impact analysis, community type, contract and criteria.

The community project must demonstrate both its commitment to project delivery and its ability to deliver the projected results of the project.

The community funding will be delivered at key points throughout the project ensuring that the targets agreed are met prior to the next funding phase. As with all private funding the project is expected to deliver on its objectives and engagement targets.

The community project will be expected to deliver a full brief of the project, who it is to benefits and how this is to be delivered over what timescales. This project proposal must include a proposition document, forecast of engagement and expected results.

The JV Management Ltd investment partners will only invest in genuine community projects that can make a real difference in communities within the UK, this investment is not tied to any government or associated body projects and is being provided to share the benefit of their success with communities that need support.

JV Management Ltd are mandated to manage the entire process, so in order to find out if we can help a project, you will need to complete the short initial project form. This form asks for the most basic of information in order for us to match your project to one of our investment partners criteria.

JV Management Ltd represent the investment partners and their interests. We are also on the project selection committee. JV Management Ltd have a good understanding of social project development and have in the past, managed, delivered and orchestrated a number of EU funded projects, local authority funded projects and privately funded projects. We understand and are experienced in social impact analysis and the socio-economic requirements of project delivery.

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