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4-6 Weeks

Average Turnaround

1M - 100M

Average Investment

Delivering 100%, genuine Private Investment

Matching your projects to
our private JV Investors

JV Management Ltd represent the investment partners, their interests and the JV Partner. As the name suggests, JV Management Ltd manage the relationships, projects, investments and agreements between the parties within a JV agreement. We manage the entire process from introduction through to project completion.

JV Management Ltd are fully mandated and authorised by our investment partners to identify, source, negotiate, approve, purchase and contract potential JV projects.

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Delivering investment, not finance

JV Management Ltd are mandated by our investment partners to provide joint venture investment. Our investment partners invest and secure their private capital in the project and fund 100% of the build including associated cost in return for share options in the project. This is a 100% investment; it is not a loan or finance package.

Unlike most providers of joint venture services, JV Management Ltd DO NOT provide Joint venture finance or loans, this type of funding tends to be a finance package or development loan where a party lends the capital with finance terms to be returned with interest upon the completed project. This is not investment, it is finance.

Delivering targeted investment for target market sectors

Property Developers

JV Management Ltd partner with developers to secure and manage the investment required for the development of the project.

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Portfolio Owners

JV Management Ltd have the mandate to evaluate and purchase property portfolios via cleared funds, providing quick completions.

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Green Businesses

JV Management Ltd and our investment groups partner with site owners and emerging technology providers to deliver a brighter, cleaner future.

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Commercial developers

JV Management Ltd and our investment partners are interested in projects that increase employment via commercial leisure developments in the UK.

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Social Housing Developers

JV Management Ltd are mandated to source, partner and invest in the development of social and low-cost housing projects within the UK.

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Commmunity Project Leaders

The investment partners of JV Management Ltd have allocated funds to help and support a wide range of community projects within the UK.

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Applying for Investment

Applying for investment is relatively simple. Select the type of market sector your project fits into, click on the investment details button, see if you match the criteria, if so, then click on apply and fill in an application that relates to your project, the JV Management Ltd Team evaluate your application and match it to one of our private investment partners, if we find a match we help you to obtain the investment and work with you throughout the entire project delivery. It really is that simple.

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